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i've pinned this in the past but i'm doing it again because i love when he sticks his tongue out....and this concludes the Zayn master pinning spree of death! i hope you enjoyed that.

Awwwwwh He's so cute!! Oh, right, and the dog is cute too:)

life is a funny thing, the minute you think you've got everything figured out something comes around and turns it all upside down. -Zayn Malik

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I'm so annoyed at what happend in lax get a proper job u dicks

I can't explain the emotional state I am in other than that I am heartbroken. I love Zayn Malik so much and the fact that I won't see him in group pictures with the other four, the fact that I won't see him singing live, the fact that he was so unhappy that he did this, I don't know I just feel like we let them down. I hope he can be really happy now because he deserves. Enjoy your roller coaster zayn :)