This entire Flickr stream is nothing but "how-to's" and tips for posing and editing newborn photos.


Baby, newborn fotografie

Newborn pictures. Love just using a simple blanket

Wall to Floor Fade Photoshop Tutorial - dna photography | wny newborn & family photographer | maternity | newborn | baby portraits | east am...

Usually I don't appreciate the posed newborn pictures but I like this one. Natural pose, with just a little bit added.

Great editing tutorials

Some newborn baby photo tips

posing newborns

Photoshop Tutorials : The Blanket Fade


Clean edit (newborn)

Newborn Photography Most adorable picture!

How To Take Great Photos of Your Kids via - GREAT tips for any kind of photog! Sometimes even the pros forget to look past the posed portrait.

newborn newborn newborn

Baby poses...behind the scenes.

Newborn blanket stand tutorial! Perfect stand for under twenty dollars in materials.

Awesome and easy to follow tutorial for editing newborn pictures in photoshop!

newborn photography tips

5 Tips for Amazing Newborn Edits in Photoshop

Newborn Editing Necessities