what a fun, cheap idea!

Momma's Fun World: Fun games for Kids Halloween party **the games can easily be converted for a Christmas party ~ trees, snowman, etc**

Halloween games

Ghost Bowling! Great Halloween party game for toddlers/young children www.spiritedpuddlejumper.com

Leave on the porch on halloween if you won't be home!

Easy Yet Awesome DIY Halloween Craft Ideas

This is sooooo easy and I NEVER would have thought of it

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why didn't i think of this...Kids Halloween Party Fun

How to zombify your hand with toilet paper in 15 minutes.

Halloween Party Foods halloween

Halloween Party Games

Dangling Donut This old-school party game is fun for everyone and makes for hilarious pics for the scrapbook. Tie string through the holes of donuts and attach to something secure overhead, or a broom handle or yardstick that two parents hold. Then invite the kids to chow down—no hands allowed!

Halloween party treats

What a cute idea! Just Plain 2x4's

Clementine pumpkins... SO CUTE!!!!

What a cool idea for Halloween or just fall

Momma's Fun World: Fun games for Kids Halloween party

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Halloween Games