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Badge of 1387, donated by King Sigismund Dragon Order (Bayerisches Nationalmuseum)

Selection of Cheapside Hoard rings: 16-17th century

Selection of necklaces from Cheapside Hoard

Front and reverse of a Cheapside hoard chain: 16th-17th century

Selection of necklaces from the Cheapside Hoard: 16th - 17th century

Selection of chains from the Cheapside Hoard: 16th-17th century

Another view of the extant 1550's crystal zibellino head Marten head in rock crystal, German, late 16th century

Marten Head, Carved Rock Crystal, Thyssen Collection Zuric.

Wedding Ring in Renaissance Italy.

Queen Elizabeth I coronation collar

Medieval earring

Glass chain from the Innsbruck Court Glassworks, blue and white glass, gold 1570-80

Anglo-Saxon amber necklace AD 450-550 From a female burial at Linton Heath in Cambridgeshire...

Beads. State Historic Museum, Moscow

Viking Bronze Tortoise brooches with pendants. Rare find.

Watercolour of bead sets from the Anglo-Saxon cemetery of Sarre, Kent.

Parure with necklace, brooch and earrings | given by Mary Queen of Scots

Ring, c. 1550, England

Locket known as The Heneage Jewel or The Armada Jewel, painting by Nicholas Hilliard, about 1595. Museum no. M.81-1935

The Heneage Jewel England, about 1595 Gold with enamel, rock crystal, table-cut diamonds and Burmese rubies

jewel 1550