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Nitrogen Cycle.


Brushing teeth with a toothbrush.

Person washing his hands.

Heat fire.

'Aqua distillata' (Distilled water) in the Real Farmacia in Madrid.

Olive oil in water, demonstrating a two-phase liquid-liquid system.

Nevão/Nevasca nas Penhas da Saúde, município da Covilhã - Serra da Estrela, Portugal.

The centre of a large hailstone with alternate layers of opaque and transparent ice.

Watervapor cup.

Snow flakes by Wilson Bentley. Bentley was a bachelor farmer whose hobby was photographing snow flakes. ; Image ID: wea02087, Historic NWS Collection ; Location: Jericho, Vermont ; Photo Date: 1902 Winter.

Molecule of water.

A bottle of alcohol gel. In order to keep the image neutral, and not have it be perceived as advertising, the product's label has been removed and a logo or company brand is not shown.

Garrafas de água líquida e congelada.

MRI head side.

Una radiografía a los pulmones a una paciente de Santa Cruz, Chile. Versión cortada.



LSD blotter with match for size comparison.

Psilocybe Cubensis Thai.

Amanita muscaria fruit bodies.

Rocks of crack cocaine.

Cocaine powder.

Nicotiana tabacum Willie Greeninge checks on his tobacco plants at his farm in Chatham, VA.