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Great idea for a small bathroom!

HubPagesfrom HubPages

28 Easy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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To Do in Master Bathroom: Hang baskets on open wall areas to organize and store towels by size.


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Wine rack as towel holder!

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Attach a few baskets to the wall instead of paying 100 dollars on an over-the-toilet stand from the store!

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Oh this is cool! Change the color of pebbles to suit the season.

Bob Vilafrom Bob Vila

DIY Bathroom Storage - 7 Easy Projects


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For a little extra bathroom storage. This would tie together the vintage table in the bathroom as well as the crates everywhere else in the house. Micheals has these for cheap

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Window boxes (from Lowes) used as bathroom storage

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Hang Towel Bars on Back of Door : great way to hang towels in a bath or extra blankets in a bedroom... saves space too!




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good idea

Decorating Your Small Spacefrom Decorating Your Small Space

Clever Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of!





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Clever Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of! • Ideas & Tutorials!

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Bathroom. Innovative Modern Storage Inspiration for A Small ...

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Bathroom decor! Great idea then you always know which one is yours!

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small bathroom


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Every last inch - towels in the tub

CraftRiverfrom CraftRiver

20 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces



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Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces - Colorful Wooden Crates - Click Pic for 42 DIY Bathroom Organization Ideas

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This would be neat. Something like this would work good in the shower too.. Not sure about using wood in the shower but other alternatives are available at the hardware stores.