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i want a white ink tattoo!!

White tatoo -- My husband and I want to get tattoos. I want to find a way to do it subtly. Not loving the bird, but love the idea of white tattoo.

I have this tattoo on the lower side of my back but don't know what to put with it so its not so plain.

I want this dove and add an olive branch with 4 leaves, each resembling my grandparents and possibly a bible verse underneath. WANT IT SO BAD!

caminho de passaro

ANIMALS-BIRDS One continuous line! Looks like I found the Humming bird for my Grandma's Flower tattoo! I have been looking for a cool Humming bird for 5 years now! LOVE IT!

Tiny Texas Tattoo.  I once saw a girl with   a tattoo like this behind her ear. It made my day, because she was in Washington   state. Might be one of the very few tattoos I would actually   get.

Tiny Texas Tattoo on the ankle, next to a quarter for size. This would be cute with a Michigan tattoo

Love the font and placement.

everything leaves a mark.to leave a mark on my body as a constant reminder would be something I would never want to forget.