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    Ammonites are an extinct group of marine invertebrate animals in the subclass Ammonoidea of the class Cephalopoda. These molluscs are more closely related to living coleoids than they are to shelled nautiloids such as the living Nautilus species.

    Trilobite fossil. this looks like it can just crawl away ,very cool!!!

    Trilobite fossil. Over 17,000 known species roamed the oceans for over 270 million years. All gone now...

    Selenopeltis or Selenopeltoides? Fossil trilobite from Morocco

    Ancient, Animal, Biology, Evolution, Extinct, Fossil

    gigante fossile

    (Morocco) Comura bultyncki Morzadec 2001 by malts8, via Flickr

    Oooo #FossilFriday! Does it get any better than a fabulous Devonian trilobite from @morethanadodo's collection... (Sally-Ann Spence/Twitter)

    Trilobite Fossil - Fire and Ice

    A Trilobite fossil minus the rock around it. By Alex Treadway. I actually have a Trilobite fossil! How interesting!