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  • Lemuel Gaylord

    LOVE this birth announcement #baby boy #Cute Baby #cute kid #lovely kid #baby girl|

  • Nicole @ThinkerMommy

    Funny birth announcement - cute idea

  • Carla Hodgson

    Fantastic birth announcement - cute idea, but does this kind of put in mind that you want your kid to grow up to be a criminal? OR am i over-thinking too much?

  • Jenni Hart

    This is a cute baby announcement unless your kid ends up a felon...

  • Alicia Castleberry

    Hahahahahahaha great birth announcement ! #birthannouncement |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|

  • Shelly Ramirez

    Birth announcement, which is cute, until you realize later in life that you took your kid's first mug shot, and you can compare how your kid aged through his or her mug shots over time.

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Pinterest had this baby announcement... if this isnt a sign from God then I'll stop believing because I have been BEGGING Corey to agree to name our son Sawyer!!! HOW RIDICULOUS?!?!?!!?!

Sweet and concise baby announcement. $15 for the design from Etsy shop denadesign (you print your own).

Love! ---> I'm not usually one for props, but this is a lovely (and efficient) way to record all the birth stats. Alternative: take a shot of baby next to measuring tape and get separate shots of the other items later. Then collage. Cute birth announcement!

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I'm not pinning this in hopes to one day have this picture done with my child, but because this kid's name is wicked.

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[Family Tree Birth Announcement] great way to honor both ancestry and a newborn.