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    • Anne-Marie Vigneux

      I died. . . HILARIOUS! Kid may be stupid but If I was a teacher I'd give him an A because I would have peed my pants laughing!!

    • Kristin Stevens

      This kid's story is hilarious and not only are the teachers corrections funny but they actually tell you what is wrong instead of just crossing out and circling I appreciate that :)

    • Gwynn Watson

      I died. . . HILARIOUS! I know a certain teacher i had that's on my Facebook that would laugh at this I know a crown

    • Catherine Frick

      I cant IMAGINE having a student try to pull this off..... Funny student answers from when kids are willing to risk their grades to be clever

    • Howard Jolly

      The lack of facts in this is no match for its creativity... As an English teacher I would give this an A, but I see it was written for history.... Why are most bad papers bad and BORING as opposed to bad and funny like this?? @Marla Phan

    • Gabriela Azua

      I don't know how this teacher even got THROUGH this paper! Hahahaha This kid is imaginative

    • SkywingZ

      Ha! Jimmy McPerson.... The teacher's notes are also pretty funny!

    • Bethany Doane

      Haha this kid.! got a good giggle out of this XD

    • Dana Howard

      Funny stuff!

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    As an English professor, I find this very inspiring!

    This is beyond hilarious!

    that's hilarious!



    Oh, I just died....

    I accidentally sent my teacher my drafted copy of my essay with all the speech cues. Tumblr funny.


    I want to meet this kid.

    So Chuck Norris is Voldemort? O_O

    This is hilarious.

    This is so funny! I always wrote answers like this in Biology but they would be marked right because I made the teacher laugh!

    Essay Exam, this makes me laugh, I always wondered if they really read the whole essay...

    hahaha I just died!!!!!

    Woah! That's pretty awesome!

    If I was a teacher, I would do this!