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I had this exact Tupperware playset in these marvelous earthy tones :). I wish I could find it again, it is probably still around.

Everyone I knew as a kid had these in their kitchen. They were always filled with flour. Or maybe coffee.

tupperware toys -- I still have these and my granddaughters play with them. They were my girls.

O.............M................G. I remember get my finger sorta pinched when I pulled the 2 sides apart.

Tupperware tumblers from the 80's. Used them with sippy lids when my kids were small.

You played with this toy as a child, and now you're child can play with this beloved toy too! :) Yes, its still around

Who didn't have this toy rolling around their house? I think the Tupperware lady sold it?

remember???????????Claudia Flores, Rebecca Neuharth, Annie Wu, Krysten Wilson-Teschler, Jenn Moss, Jessica Bliven, Leigh Ann Krasner, Camille Bragg,

Tupperware toy - want for future kids. I had one but couldn't pronounce my 'r's, so the diamond-like shape was 'parawewogram.'

OMG I had these when I was a kid!!! heck my mom still might even have some of them.