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Character designs by Iain Macarthur

Born in 1986 in Swindon, England. Became a fanatic of art at the age of eight in which Iain was introduced to art through watching a lot of cartoon shows …
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sweet vertigo by aquasixio - Surreal Digital Art by Cyril Rolando

Utopia body painting by Craig Tracy

Julián Cánovas-Yañez is a multidisciplinary and complete artist. He is, at the same time, film director, sculptor, painter, photographer and writer. Julian suggested time ago the idea of doing a portrait of him that could describe his capacity of creating and his constant search to understand his body and spirit. All these made Alejandro Maestre think about his work and helped him to develop the idea of this work....

This Photo Is Actually a Pencil Perfect Drawing. This seriously is got to be the most astonishing painting. I've EVER seen it looks like a photo graph that's how super fantastic amazing this artist is you have to check this out for yourself. It actually shows the artist painting this photo ! check out this link if you don't believe me I didn't believe either at first.

This looks like a really neat camera

"Rosenrot" 20" x 30 " illustration board Graphite, wash pencil, colored pencils, water color, and coffee By Jess Wathen

Bird Of A Feather by swtmelode

Hand Paint

Aralyn McGregor: Dallas, TX. 'Sheep in Fog I', Oil on canvas.

rajacenna - amazing pencil portrait of taylor swift

woman illustration

What to do with old pencils that are too small to use anymore? Textured Pencil Sculptures [Pencil art, Sculptures made using color pencils]

Soccer players hand art

beauty and the beast, kind of akward, but I like it !

Award Winning Campaign: 5 To 12

Portrait Drawings by German artist Dirk Dzimirsky

Pencil drawing #drawing #pencil #art

The Iron Woman 1 by on @deviantART - First in a series of Steampunk women drawn on old book pages.

#art #olegshuplyak

#Illustrations of Detective Stories by Geliografic

roy lichtenstein

honey-rider: Artist Ogusi Takeshi

simple wedding updo with lace headband

by Erin Flannery