Tortilla Espanola.....need to try this SOON!

Spanish Tortilla. I grew up with these. This is the closest recipe I've seen to an authentic tortilla. My grandmother taught us to slice the potatoes very thinly. Delicious.

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Fried dumplings or Johnny cakes are the perfect compliment to Jamaica's national dish, Ackee & Saltfish (Codfish)

corn tortillas.

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Very early on Saturday, with my husband still in a deep slumber, I snuck out of bed, put on my thickest pair of socks and tiptoed down to the kitchen.  I held my breath as I passed the guest room, ...

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Hace 12 tortillas Receta del libro de cocina mexicana auténtica por Rick Bayless Ingredientes 4.3 libras (2 3/4 tazas) de harina, además de un poco más por rodar las tortillas 5 cucharadas de manteca de cerdo o manteca vegetal, o una mezcla de los dos, o cinco cucharadas o aceite de girasol 3/4 cucharadita de sal sobre 3/4 taza de agua del grifo muy caliente Instrucciones 1. Hacer la masa. Combine la harina y la grasa en un tazón grande para mezclar, trabajando en la grasa con los dedos, has...

Tortilla de patatas (Tortilla Española)

Tortilla Española: Potatoes, onion, and egg. Perfection. I ate this at least three times a week in Spain.

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