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Excerpt of Joyce Stevens' 1975 manifesto. I am a feminist! Almost 40 years old, and sadly. still applies #Famous Quotes

Gummy bear government systems

Daddy, why is that stuff "trickling down" yellow?

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Community Post: An Unfair Tax Burden: Citizens Vs. Corporation [infographic]

Citizen Tax Burden vs. Corporate Tax Payout - Some Perspective

Professor Steve Horwitz refutes the often recited claim that "What is good for General Motors is good for America" by explaining that "pro-business" legislation encourages behavior that is not beneficial to society or the business itself, and that, in a free market, factors such as profit and competition encourage behavior that ultimately benefits society.

It is clear big businesses wield great control over the federal government. How do we stop this so-called crony capitalism, or collusion? The best solution is to limit government power. Less government power means corporations have less power to compete for, fewer privileges to seek, fewer subsidies to enjoy, and no agencies to capture.

"Some of you will see an extra charge in your next electric bill because Pepco and BGE lost money when they couldn't charge customers to deliver power during the storm outage...Only regulators in Maryland allow utilities to recoup lost billings by invoicing customers directly...'It's the law,' said Pepco spokesman Bob Hainey. 'It's called bill stabilization.'"