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Aymeline Valade by Henrik Purienne for Mirage magazine | Fashion Photography | Fashion Editorial | beach | sea | ocean | Summer | aquatic

dancing in our bare feet because when the summer’s done we might not be so young and beautiful #zimmermanngoesto



salt water therapy // ladyslider

Summer night at the beach. Knit and pink nail polish. veronica loves archie

Old Cameras, and film, and the most awesome square flash cubes ever. #MrBowerbird

Although I'm not big on skinny models, there's something to be said about a picture of a mysterious woman walking down a secluded beach captured in B&W. BEACH | STRAND | DREAM | CUTE | BEAUTIFUL | GIRL | HIPSTER | BLONDE | HAIR | STYLE | FASHION | WONDERFUL | OUTFIT | BIKINI

we would always go down to the beach when he came back from being transferred. now it was just me standing there, letting the wind whip my hair around. $186.99 winter coat,canada goose,down jackets cheap coat

wishflowers: black-and-white: NorCal girl (by heather ~) took the day off today and heading out to the city (aka San Francisco)  and maybe hang out at Chrissy Field or Ocean Beach, weeeeeee!!!!!

I think that somehow getting this angle when a person is diving off a board/starter block would be cool. Even the ground instead of a rock (even though the rock adds a pretty spin to it)