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Spock is half human, it is only logical for him to have feelings + feelings run deeply within Vulcans, sometimes more deeply than in humans! and yes a big applause for a great recasting!

This is possibly the most epic picture on the Internet.

I dont even watch Star Trek and this is awesome :) The song is The Joker by the Steve Miller Band. Go and listen to it... Now.

Star Trek Watercolor Print - Spock - Etsy - by Jonathan Reincke - 12.00

"Guide to Spock's Stupid Hats" Hey, now! That Fedora is jazzy and epic.

Science officer of the Federation Starship Enterprise, the Vulcan who is also half human. Loyal and logical friend to Captain Kirk.- Mr. Spock


Spock... yeah, this could have been what happened......

The Opposite of Spock the Vulcan is the iLlogical Creative. You Can't Be Creative When You Are Logical All the Time. I like Caricature Artists. They See Iconic Features the Rest of Us Are Blind To and Exaggerate It So All of Us Can See.

Is it just me or is this room filled with a bunch of aggressive colors?

I don't know why this pic of a Real Life Punk!Spock exists, but I am sure glad it does.

"Wind shall rise ...and fog descend leave here, all ...or meet your end. Spock. Comment. Very bad poetry captain :-)