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  • Pikock

    #packaging #design #package #inspiration #pikock

  • Denise Zwinkels

    I miss old fashioned bottled milk delivered to front of house in the old days | back in the day, you put out your old bottles with #milk money inside and in the morning - new #milk! #retro #packaging #design

  • Niki C

    Goat milk

  • Marianne Clausen

    Danish milk bottle design

  • LadyChueca

    "Design for Knuthenlund organic foods. Milk packaged in glass bottles and it looks like from the old time.The design style is similar to the honey's. In this image. the background and the setting also help create a rustic countryside feeling. Besides packaging design, the importance of photography in branding is showing up in this case."

  • Suzette Beaugrand-Wilson

    simplicity: milk jugs Milk tasted so much better out of glass bottles

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