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And I didn't have bare skin hanging out everywhere.

When my family sees me wearing something other than yoga pants they ask why I'm so dressed up. | Confession Ecard |

Funny Workplace Ecard: And then she had the audacity to ask if I wanted regular or decaf. I said, 'Honey, it's Monday...don't even play..'

Mondays? Aint nobody got time for that.


Dear Sweatpants and Hoodies: Thanks for being there for me. Sincerely, Sexy and I know it, but too lazy to show it.

Today's mood: Bitchy with a chance of sarcasm.

Typical work week of a Paralegal. #Paralegals, is this pretty accurate?

Motherhood: When changing from plaid flannel pj pants into black yoga pants qualifies as "getting dressed"

I hate Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and half of Friday. The half I do like is the half I always take time off.