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Pronoun Practice: Grammar

Pronouns are 'sticky' words often used in error even in Elementary School. How often have you hear students say "her is going home now" or "him has wet hair"? Is it he or him, she or her, they, their or them??? As a speech pathologist, I have needed some very quick, snappy activities that provide hands on resources to help these students learn which pronoun to use and when.This program is made up of tasks that require students to draw connecting lines to correct answers and cut and paste ...

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Reflexive Pronouns (Task Cards, Game, Printables, & More)

Reflexive Pronouns - This pack focuses on teaching correct use of reflexive pronouns. It includes a noun and reflexive pronoun cut and paste sort, a board game, and five single page stories with missing reflexive pronouns (students will be asked to fill in the reflexive pronouns from a word bank). The board game includes an answer key so partners can check their understanding as they play. These activities work well as literacy centers. $ #reflexivepronouns #commoncore

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Popcorn Pronouns

This pack includes several activities for pronouns. You get popcorn sentences where the students match the correct pronouns to the correct part of the sentence. There is a recording sheet where they must rewrite the sentence the correct way. There is also a pronoun pocket chart activity, pronoun match, cut and paste printables, and pronoun identification activities.Check out more Language Arts activities!