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Swallowtail Butterfly

Beautiful flower and butterfly for MY Metamorphosed Woman! ~~Swallowtail Reflections ~ gorgeous butterfly by Julie Everhart~~


༺ ʚįɞ Beautiful ༻ :: Calla Lily with Purple Black Butterfly - Fine Art Print by Garry Gay

Blue Butterfly on a Pink Flower. Source: http://furkl.com/

Blue Butterfly on a Pink Flower – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

17 животных, которых раскрасила сама ночь

Melanism is a genetic mutation that results in beautiful black animals, which stand out from their species counterparts. Here are 15 melanistic animals.

Pink Water Scene

This butterfly has pink and yellow flowers on its sides. As it comes to my mind, the pink represents beauty. It represents Miranda in a way, in which she is special.

Devil Mantis. Photo by Scott Thompson The Idolomantis Diabolica is sometimes known as the "King of all mantids" for the obvious reason: it's beauty, size and rarity, is one of the largest species of praying mantis that mimic flowers.

Devil& Flower Mantis (Idolomantis diabolica) - Beautiful Macro Insect Photo: Devils Flower, Igor Siwanowicz, Flower Mantis, Praying Mantis, Devil S Flower