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Surgeonfish, Scuba Blue

Swarovski Paradise Fish Fish bodies sparkle in Scuba Blue crystal, while their heads shimmer in faceted clear crystal. Their dorsal fins are in Citrin crystal and their tail fins shine in faceted Lavender crystal.

Swarovski Colored Crystal Playing Foals.  Swarovski Crystal Figurine.

Celebrate a new beginning, with these delicate Swarovski Crystal Foals. The bodies of these two baby horses are crafted from carefully cut, clear crystal, with contrasting unfaceted crystal mane and tails. Watch them prance on your Swarovski shelf.

LOVE. Puppy - Bruno the French Bulldog from #Swarovski

Bruno the French Bulldog Swarovski PUppy - Bruno you are just to adorable all dressed up with your bow tie.


Toby, of Swarovski's Lovlots Circus. Testament that the best things come in small packages. Lustrous and lovable his crystal body shimmers. As a dreamer, and giant in training - he believes in wishes and loves to star gaze. A perfect good luck gift for s

Vintage Swarovski Crystal Hedgehog Porcupine 7630 - Glass Animal Figure Retired

Vintage Swarovski Crystal Hedgehog Porcupine 7630 - Glass Animal Figure Retired

The renowned Swarovski crystal figurines collection celebrates the wonder of nature, exceptional design and the luminous power of crystal with elegant, modern and stylish statement pieces.

Zodiac - Uma the Horse - from Swarovski's Lovlot Characters

Zodiac - Uma the Horse Uma the Horse is loved for her cheerful, warm, and talkative personality. This little Zodiac in Violet crystal is decorated with a playful floral print on the head and body. Admire its cute mane and tail in Violet frosted crystal.

Swarovski Crystal "Baby Frog"

Swarovski Crystal Baby Frog - This Swarovski Baby Frog joins the popular Frog in the Beauties of the Lake theme group.