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Nuremberg Shrovetide Carnival (1449-1539). Schembartsbuch. Country or nationality of origin: German. Place of origin: Nuremberg. Date: c. 1590-1640 (?). The image was not made in the medieval period, but refers to the carnival in Nuremberg in the Middle Ages. OK. Image description: Ship on wheels carrying three academics, three horned devils, fools and musicians (Ship of Fools?).

oshua, leading the way at Jericho. It is one of many historiated initials from one of the Walters Museum’s finest manuscripts. Old Testament books, Genesis through Ruth. The date of completion is given, February 2, 1507. The illumination of the Creation within a cosmographic scheme is based in part on the woodcut illustrations of Creation in the 1483 Koberger Bible, and the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle by the same printer.