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My mom always says this. This is why she never minded teaching 4-year-old Sunday School. She knew she was making an impact, even if they didn't remember what was taught that day, they knew she cared for each and every one of them.

Sometimes I'm in such a hurry to move on to the next thing; chores, laundry, lunch, ect. I forget to live in the moment. I need to treasure each memory before the moment is gone.

child who sings is a happy child


❤Love, love, love this. It is so true. We lost our oldest daughter to a car accident 5 days before her 25th birthday. Thankfully, we did say the "I love you's."

From the moment that you hold your first perfect, wrinkly baby in your arms, the universe shifts and the title "Mom" is placed on your head like a very heavy crown. Being a mom is a profound responsibility, not for the faint of heart. Follow along as eBay shares seven things that all children would benefit from seeing their mom doing today.

I love this! No matter how many unmatched socks I have or chores on my to-do list, I always try to remember what matters most.

I am, you are

For the #parents: #Kids are given directions all day. Do we take our own #parenting advice?

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so true

They remember what you are.


I hope that my kids say this about me one day... My mom was a woman I aspired to be as a child. I only hope to live a life they admire. <3

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