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I dont want to apologize for saying something I didnt mean, out of anger. dont say it in the first place.

-is it? -looks can be deceiving. i thought all handsome men were nice. HA NOPE. -never think you've got something until it's in front of your face. -ugh hate this one. -oh do they. you can say what you want, but your actions speak the truth. -i dunno. -things are bad.. they can spiral out of control. -yes it does. thank god. -who hasn't been blinded by "love"

More girls need to start searching for guys that have goals ambitions & crave success, because 10 years from now "Swag" isn't going to pay your bills.

Pema Chodron’s Advice for Embracing Change, Today & Every Day.

Tori and I...the blonde and brunette :)

Ok, so maybe I eat more than the average person... But seriously!

  • Cassie L :)

    I am 80 pounds, and I'm 14. I eat crap all day and every single minute I want more food :D That's just how I am though, I have a pretty stinkin high metabolism, which is awesome! Just people do say I am anorexic when I'm not and it sucks. This is defiantly NOT what I call "skinny shaming" but I do agree that not all skinny people don't eat, we are just luckier! :)

  • Brandi Schlabach

    Yep because all skinny women eat nothing and are unhealthy. That's exactly what this is saying.

  • n i c o l i n e _ a n t a n o v i c h

    EVERY BODY TYPE IS BEAUTIFUL however it IS harder when something is too small than too big... and more common... and more self-esteem degrading lol

  • n i c o l i n e _ a n t a n o v i c h

    And Whitney... people who are NOT skinny can also make better eating/lifestyle choices, thats jut their body type and vice-versa :|

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haha I love this, especially since there is a bag of my favorite jelly beans hiding in the pantry, and zach accidentally saw them the other aday and a litttle piece of me died inside, lol

Funny Confession Ecard: Sometimes I don't answer your calls because I'm too tired to give you advice that your not going to take.

Every. Single. Time

  • Amber Moody

    Jackie Kelly

  • Christine Coppersmith

    I knooooooow! I hate that. Why do they ask you so many questions with all their tools in your mouth. Do they actually think you can answer? I usually just look at them and look away. I will ask them next time. lol

How is it I can start out the day as Mary Poppins, only to end the day as Cruella Deville?