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If pro-gunners are as violent as anti-gunners say they are, there wouldn't be any anti-gunners left. If gun rights advocates were as violent as anti-gun nuts seem to think, there wouldn't be any anti-gun nuts left. And this girl ain't gonna save your ass, either. My gun is for the protection of myself and my family only.

I'm an anti-war, pro gun rights, socially liberal, fiscally conservative, pro equality (non government), spiritual, peace loving hippy mama!!! I don't fit a mold and I don't want to.

from BuzzFeed

45 Incredibly Manly ’90s Products That Boys Begged Their Parents For

This is the best toy to learn that it's always a bad idea to point a gun at another person!

Yup thats me..theres nothing like talkjng a walk in nature and seeing that beautiful buck standing right in front of you....