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    • Valondra

      Logic dictates: If pro-gunners are as violent as anti-gunners say they are, there wouldn't be any anti-gunners left. If gun rights advocates were as violent as anti-gun nuts seem to think, there wouldn't be any anti-gun nuts left.

    • Lynn Reeser

      Gene Roddenberry based his iconic Star Trek character Mr. Spock on LAPD Chief William H. Parker who was known for his rational and seemingly emotionless behavior. When larger-than-life actor William Shatner was brought in to replace Jeffrey Hunter as captain of the Enterprise it allowed Leonard Nimoy to tone down his portrayal of Spock. --Coast-to-Coast guest yesterday

    • Brendon Sunday

      Not a trekkie in the least, but I do <3 my guns an my rights to 'em.

    • Gary Ackerman

      2nd Amendment's photo: Logic. It's in short supply in some circles.

    • Josh Marshall

      Captain Kirk and Spock conferring with each other (Star Trek)

    • LeeAnn

      Star Trek TOS- Kirk and Spock

    • Matthew Fenn

      Spock on gun ownership

    • Kenny Neal

      Star Trek funny

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