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  • Jennifer Calvin

    Jello cookies - I Heart Nap Time. Fun recipe, makes tons of cookies!!

  • A. G.

    I'm not sure I would let the kids use this as "playdoh" and then bake them, but they can surely help make the cookies :-) Jello cookies & playdough! - I Heart Nap Time | I Heart Nap Time - How to Crafts, Tutorials, DIY, Homemaker

  • Mom2Jude

    Jello cookies & jello playdough! - Fun, colorful dough for kids to play with, and when they are done, bake it into cookies!

  • Amanda Crighton

    Jello Cookie Recipe [Fun Food For Kids] ~ Would look pretty stacked in rainbow colors and wrapped together for a bake sale.

  • LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show

    JELLO cookies on Perfect fun kid's activity #cookies #dessert #jello #sweets #baking

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J E L L O!!!! that's right - jello cookies - that just makes me smile :D

These Jello Cookies are all the rage! So bright and vibrant and incredibly easy to make--use any gelatin flavor of your choice.

You have to try this delicious Jello Cookies recipe. I took a basic sugar cookie recipe and jazzed it up with jello. they come out in beautiful bright colors, but they also are delicious flavored like jello. The kids love it.

JELL-O cookies - seriously my fav school lunch dessert ever! Gotta try these

... hmmmmm wonder if i should make these for all the munchkins that are coming :) Munchkin Munchies: Patriotic Jello Cookies

Jello-parfaits. Thinking of doing this for Paetyn's birthday treats at school in lieu of cupcakes (kids that can't have wheat in her class...)

I did this with lemons once, it's really easy! When I did them with a friend we didn't have much time to make them, so we put them in the freezer instead. They were kinda cool because they were frosty on the outside and easier to cut!

Homemade jelly lollies. Try with dextrose or other sweetener? Tips from comments: Line the pan with plastic wrap and spray with non-stick spray, or line with baking paper. Cut candy with scissors, washing in hot water when they get too sticky.