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What's your Ayurvedic Body Type? Great quiz to figure out why your body is the way it is! I'm a Kapha!

The Ayurvedic Diet: Best Foods for Your Body Type, Pt 1

The Ayurvedic Diet: Eating for Your Body Type | The Dr. Oz Show #AyurvedicDiet #Ayurvedic #Medicine

Ayurvedic diet. This is what I follow if I've been sick or need a detox. I fit right into this body type.

I'm Kapha. Take the quiz to see what you should eat for your Ayurvedic Dosha Body type!

Vata Body Type Meal Plan There are also other dosha plans on the link.

Kapha Body Type Meal Plan, Ayurvedic Medicine

Pitta rejuvenation diet. Makes sense but sucks. Everything I love is on the do not eat list. Going to look into this more.

Thursday on The Dr. Oz Show Weight loss Break throughs

What is your body telling you when you have chapped lips? This will help us identify what is lacking in our diet and how to fix it!

Pitta Body Type Meal Plan-- courtesy of Dr. Oz-- find out what you are!