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  • Sammy Sweeney

    Lego #Fractions!!! Cool idea for teaching fractions. Recommended by Charlotte's Clips

  • Delphi Academy Santa Monica

    LEGO fractions - I love LEGOS! This is an easy way to make fractions visual and hands-on | Perfect idea for Elementary school math

  • casey spivey

    cool idea for math. If kids are having problems with math this would be a great way to help them learn math fractions. I dont' have Lego's but I do have unifix cubes.

  • Lauren Stanfield

    lego math ideas

  • Jess

    Lego Math | Best Activities for Kids

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way to teach double digit borrowing from your neighbor a whole new meaning.

Math centers and printables - tons of ideas & resources on this blog.

I CAN board. With this board, students know what they are doing for the day. It also helps administrators and parents see what the objectives are for the day. Much better than having plain objectives written across the board.

Slap It! An Odds and Evens Card Game. It uses cards to reinforce concepts of odd and even, which in turn will help your child succeed in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Math Journal Sentence starters. A great way to incorporate writing in math.

So one of my comrades from mcps shared this, and it took me forever to re-find it.... have students tell time by pointing and using their arms... great spatial and kinesthetic activity! Thanks Bloom's taxonomy!

Here's a simple game where students move around the board adding and subtracting blocks while trying to build the tallest tower.

Great trick for teaching how to make 10. Students use a highlighter to find the "10" and then circle the other number with a crayon. Brilliant!

Johnnie's Math Page is the place to find hundreds of fun and engaing math activities for students and their teachers.

"Stop the Clock" Telling Time Smartboard game (choose to the half hour, quarter hour, 5 minute, or minute)

Peterson's Pad: 10 more 10 less freebie

One More One Less math game

Great +/- poster ideas

When teaching touch math with money, here is a reference strip for students to have with them practicing counting money

Free! Help all of your students be successful at counting coins. This download includes a Magic Money study sheet with coin poems, a parent letter explaining how Magic Money works, and a hundred chart that reinforces counting by 5s.

Number Gators (Greater Than, Less Than Symbols Song)

Near Doubles - Doubles Plus One Video Lesson - Almost a Second Grader - www.almostasecond...

Great idea for subtraction. Set up ten cups, have the students bowl the tennis ball towards the cups, and create a subtraction problem based on their bowling. Can differentiate between the number of cups, the size of the ball, etc.

Use "Turkey Toes" to count odd and even. Steven needs evens and Todd likes odds. Write numbers on paper plates to put around each guy when you are finished counting.

Smiling and Shining in Second Grade: Adding Doubles and a Freebie

Adding Doubles Rap

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) (song for kids about adding doub...

Colored Clock and great post about the misconceptions that it helps address. Teacher Blog Spot

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