Fairy gardens!

Fairy garden

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Craft Stick Fairy Doors. This is such a simple, easy project to add magic to the garden. Make a bunch and place them on flower pots and tree trunks!

17 DIY Garden Ideas this would work great as a walk way up to a fairy house!

I'm not a 'fairy' person but this is so cute!!!! Would be such a cute yard decoration and fun for the kids

Cute ladder idea

Love this idea!

Love this idea!

Aquacorner Raised Bed Soaker Systems (drip irrigation plus raised bed corner in one)

Fairy garden.

"Pouring" succulents

Succulent chair - just need to make sure somebody doesn't try to sit in it. 1,500 photos of succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin help you identify, select and design with succulents in containers, gardens and landscapes.

Chest of drawers planted with Campanula

Fairy Garden

Miniature Garden

How to Make Fairy Houses | Make a Stone Fairy House

Oh, my we love these fairy houses that light up at night when the fairies come home! Miniature Fairy Garden Solar Flower Pot Home

deck herb garden in crates

watering raised beds

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