Great home remedies for sick little ones. Includes for diarrhea, constipation, burns, sore throat, headache, teething, and ear infection

Have a headache/migraine? Submerge your feet and hands in hot/warm water and put a bag of frozen peas at the base of your skull. The heat on your extremities pulls the blood from your head relieving some/all of your headache.

Essential oils for children

Vick's VapoRub - Tips and Tricks.

Santa Letter, for when the kids find out

Gross, but informative - which insect makes which bite mark and how to treat bites.

Mosquito bite remedies.

Natural remedy reference

Stop sore throats with lemon, honey, and Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar!

tips for a road trip with kids

20 ways to prove santa exists :)

For future reference, pray never have to use this.............. Coconut oil + apple cider vinegar to treat head lice. ... Coconut oil dissolves the lices outer skeletal shell instantly. So once you put it on someone's head you can have them shower and rinse it off right away and all the lice will be killed and gone! Plus there are no chemicals!

Ear infection Remedies

Home remedies for children

Im going to check this out for frustrating times!!! Would you like alternatives? Here's How to Implement Consequences with Positive Parenting, Kids and Discipline

Forget NyQuil, make your own cough medicine from natural ingredients right from your kitchen pantry! Not only do these treat a hacking cough and sore throat, they help boost your immune system and fight the cold you have!

18 Headache Remedies- to get rid of headache pain & pressure.

There are many good essential oils with anti-inflammatory and soothing propertiesthat have the ability to give relief to itchy skin and alle...

Chore Card- Get 10 punches and trade in for a surprise. Love this idea.

hmm didn't think about some of these! also includes ways to re-phrase!