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  • Barack O

    cross tattoos, christian tattoos and cross neck tattoos. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

  • Makayla Kerns

    long hair cross cross tattoo neck tattoo neck girl hair tattoo cross

  • Tattoos Addict

    See more tattoo ideas on Black Ink Cross Tattoos On Neck Back #175 - #, #175, #Back, #Black, #Cross, #CrossTattoos, #Ink, #Neck, #On, #Tattoos

  • Savannah Franke

    First tattoo idea

  • Noemi Fulgencio

    #cross #necktattoo

  • Crystal Hassinger

    cross tattoo placement

  • Sommer Joy Hitchcock

    christian tattoos for women.. when and if I get married and I have my hair up for the wedding... I wonder what my mom will say.... especially not knowing I had a tattoo!!! lol

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Love the look of this tattoo! Not sure if I could get it myself though.

Even though everyone has a dream catcher tattoo, I still want one. Its been like a year since Ive wanted it!

styleinterplay: thats cool I’ve been thinking about getting something like this. Not forearm. But like maybe a half-sleeve with other stuff, right?

Ok folks... This is the tattoo placement I'm hopefully going to get soon (but with a quote about dogs). All in memory of my stinky sweet Bailey. Can't wait to finally honor the best damn dog a girl could have ever had as a best friend

Natural color- soo pretty, love it!

Braided Bangs and Long Hair... I want my long hair back!

this too shall pass --- tattoo. Mom told me this through the REALLY tough baby times, and still does when the going gets tough. I want to get this to remind me of her support and help. (not this placement though)

:) giraffe. I like this design also! of course if i get it as a tattoo, it wouldn't be in color. lol well maybe if I got it on the bottom of my foot!

want my hair to grow this long and then cut it off and donate it to LOCKS OF LOVE

Is it acceptable to get only one part of a sleeve-tat? If so, I just want this. I'll just make it acceptable.