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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 92 Pics

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maybe shes barn with it maybe it's neighbelline

I have never laughed so hard at something so terrifying.

Christmas decoration - Hahahaha

Pictures That Will Make You Laugh 10 -

I don't know where this trend originally came from or what it is mocking, but I flipping love that first one so much.

this was so funny i cried!!! love these animal funny pictures!! More funny things: www.funiest-stuff...

There comes a point when you're so overworked that the stress tips you the other way and everything is hilarious. I have reached that point.

That would be such a great prank to play on a hungover roommate

FAVORITEST PICKUP LINE EVER ♥ Just tried it on my husband..... He laughed and said "you are so stupid". I guess that is his way of saying he Loves me too!?

Man I love hockey, dear boys... I really love hockey and I actually know what I'm talking about when it comes to sports, thanks;)