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The truth hurts !!! with @Ashley Siatkowski and @Jennie Ellsworth



pretty much

hahahahaha. no more crocs for me!

hahahahaha... my life..

this deserves a good tip

You constantly feel like you have to watch your fucking mouth when you’re around strangers. | 19 Problems All Women Who Love Cursing Know To Be True. this is the story of my life.

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Wild Saturday nights. .Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day

Hahaha this would be me. Lol - comic by artist John Martinez

I can never unsee it.

Animal Antics By Liz Climo Lol the bird and giraffe is my favorite

Winter Olympics faces...

so thaaat's how it happens


It's funny because its true...lol

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA so true! I even had to start marking the calendar a few days in advance with a reminder that it's not *actually* the end of the world.