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Love the look of the single color/species overflowing the sides of the old wagon -- will do this using multiple pots in our old wagon, thinking it won't rust as quickly as filling it with dirt ~ from

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas (with pictures)

Because they’ve already got the holes for drainage, they’re perfect for potting plants! I love the idea of using a colorful vintage pasta strainer. Lovely for indoors or out.

Everything About Growing Lavender

The robust smell and diverse shades of purple, blue, soft pink and white flowers, learn everything you need to know for growing lavender!

Cottage garden complete with little black cat. I love the look, but my attempts at cottage gardening always looks like a hot mess.

Plant a Mobile Herb Garden in a Wagon

Use an old wagon as a container for a salad garden! Bonus: It can be easily moved to a shady spot as summer weather heats up. More unexpected ideas for garden containers:

10 Everyday Household Items That Make Perfect Seedling Starters

Random but we just had a huge box of stale cones come in through gleaners... this'll be perfect!