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7 Dangers of Becoming Anemic ... - Health [ more at ] Being anemic can be extremely dangerous. The type of danger you may face depends largely on the type of anemia you have. The six types of anemia include sickle cell, iron deficiency, thalassemia, vitamin deficiency, aplastic anemia and anemia caused by chronic diseases. The common dangers of becoming anemic are as follows.... #Health #And #Pressure #Anemia #Of #Low

Charlotte's Keys to Adrenal Recovery: 1) Go to bed early and be asleep by 10:00pm; 2) Stay in bed for at least 15-20 minutes after waking; 3) Use calming essential oils to aid sleep; 4) Eat/drink 1 Tbs coconut oil every day; 5) Drink 'adrenal fatigue' tea everyday; 6) Supplement with lots of Vitamin C; 7) T-Tapp exercise; 8) Let go of emotional stress.

Hypercupremia - High Copper

Hypercupremia - High Copper (William Walsh info)

Answered Prayers, Unexpected Gifts, and Lyme Disease - Here is our 2 1/2 year journey to discover what was causing severe and extreme knee swelling in my child. It plagued doctors and now I hope to offer answers to other parents facing similar situations.

The Many Beneficial Types of Ayurveda Massage

Mood Over Matter: How Emotions Can Affect Your Health - Sanity Break

According to Therese Borchard, "Our body holds our emotions." Read more in her latest blog post, "Mood Over Matter: How Emotions Affect Your Health," in recognition of National Mental Health Awareness Month.