Kristina Smekens created original icons for the 6 Traits of writing. And she's created her own icons for reading comprehension, too. Whether you're teaching questioning & predicting or another comprehension strategy, having an icon that shows the strategy's meaning can help to make it more concrete and visual for students.

Books for Comprehension Strategies

Free Comprehension Strategy Posters

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Reading comprehension strategy organization! I can finally get use out of my tub of Beenie Babies!

This 7 page book club packet contains the 6 reading comprehension strategies for students. I turned each comprehension strategy into a job to be co...

Teaching Questioning as a Comprehension Strategy

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Amazing website... it gives specific books for whatever strategy you are teaching!

Comprehension Strategies Freebie!

The Teaching Thief: Favorite Picture Books for Teaching Comprehension

For the Love of Teaching: Metacognitive Strategies for Reading Comprehension

FREE Strategy to teach your kids how to really read. Great anchor chart for elementary classrooms. Reading comprehension. FREEBIE! #reading #comprehension

Comprehension Icons & Poster Set--Consider introducing reading comprehension strategies that will allow you to build concepts in reading throughout the year. Reading is an invisible skill. One way to make it more visual and concrete is to use icons and triggers to help students “get it.” Just like icons and toys make the 6 Traits come alive, there are Smekens original icons and triggers for the different reading comprehension strategies as well. FREE!

Your students already love them, why Cootie Catchers for each of the seven reading comprehension strategies (including inferring and visualizing)

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Reading comprehension flip books: *visualizing*questioning*making connections*predicting...

Included are 24 reading comprehension skills and strategies posters. Each poster has the name of the strategy, prompts that you might ask students, a sample graphic organizer, and sample student responses with sentence frames (when applicable). Also available with black and white polka-dot background.

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The Teaching Thief: comprehension strategy-use for reading