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Chess lesson… #psych This is how I play chess... Mostly because I find it waaaayyyy more entertaining.

psych:) i love this but all i could think of while watching this episode was "he is fred on scooby doo!!! fred!!!" haha:)

Banana. A yellow fruit. Also, a kind of pudding...A delicious pudding.

Psych! Not my most favorite of quotes from that show, but how do you choose? Really?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA via Twitter / @TheKurtFuller: Let's do this!!!!!!!! ...

I love this show with the same passion I feel regarding misuse of the word 'literally' :)

"There is nothing that can dent our impenetrable bond" "I have a secret girlfriend" "You're dead to me!" psych!!

Don't be an Indian Giver. Image via Isabella at shawn-spencer.tum...

Asthma. He's allergic to rich white people.... #Psych

You guys believe in Karma, don't you? Yes, we do. But only because we're karma chameleons. We come and go. Nyna, Shawn and Gus. #Psych