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Gross, but informative - which insect makes which bite mark and how to treat bites. Good to know momma's!!

Identifying 8 Common Bug Bites

Aloe Vera to treat acne, rashes, insect bites, cuts and burns, anti-fungal, eczema, dry skin, hair, dandruff and to relieve headaches.

ugly skin tags - home remedies to remove them! (I didn't know you could!!) for future reference

Huh! Crochet around rope light to make an outdoor floor mat. This is awesome. #outdoors

No Mercy for MRSA. How to Treat One of the Most Common Superbugs.

Wild medicine: how to make a plantain poultice, the right way. Great first aid remedy for insect bites, rashes, cuts, scrapes etc.

Which insect makes which bite mark and how to treat bites. (Ticks, spiders, etc.)

Home Remedy for soar throat, hacking cough, tight congestion... Using this in the winter instead of all those mucus relief drugs and decongestants that don't do a thing.

how to get rid of planter warts with Apple Cider Vinegar - gross but so good to know!

DIY Fire Starter Wafers

How to Treat Diabetic Neuropathy Naturally

Make your own nontoxic, all-natural bug repellant you can use in your home. Costs less than $1 to make.

How to treat and prevent chigger bites!

This gets rid of brush marks when added to latex paint for a factory smooth finish on painted cabinets, furniture, etc.

How to Heal a Spider Bite

Top 10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Wasps

How to create a iPhone ringtone using songs, step by step. Saving this forever

A MUST-HAVE for the family First Aid Kit or gym / hiking bag! Safe for kids babies too! 100% Natural antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory. For athletes' foot, rashes, cuts, wounds, insect bites, skin irritations....

Bleach � Water Ratio For Drinking Water