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Edo Mura. by Aflânio Tomikawa, via Flickr

The Geiko (Geisha) Ichiyuri walking to a tea house in the Gion district of Kyoto, Japan

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Amazing geisha headdress. I've not seen one with this many embellishments. Gorgeous!

Kyoto, Japan - Seeing the skin where she did not apply the makeup is as erotic as seeing tan lines on a nude woman.

Oiran-Tayu is the top courtesan in kyoto( Shimabara ) ,Oiran are the same as tayu but they are from Edo Tokyo ( Yoshiwara ) ...

Oiran--beautiful hair ornamentation. Oiran are the elite (#1) class over geisha. They wear their Obi in front of kimono instead of wrapped in back.

Japanese Geisha. It is rare to see one now even when you are in Kyoto.