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1904 wallpaper sample from M.H. Birge & Sons of Buffalo, New York, one of the leading wallpaper manufacturers in America.

M.C. Escher's Fish and Boat

mexican coverlets

Diane Ayott "Montserrat"

Lucy Ward

La Vie by Kenji Yoshida, Japan

Kuba Barkcloth


Kuba Bark Cloth

Yoruba textile

Honeysuckle, by William Morris, 1834-1896

japanese pattern

1950's tropical leaf print barkcloth

Africa | Coronation cloth (Oloba, "that with a king"). Yoruba peoples. Abeokuta, Nigeria | Starch resist-dyed textile (adire eleko) | c. 1963-1970

Africa | Woman's ceremonial mantle (baqnouq). | Zlass people. Tunisia, Kairouan region. | Wool and cotton. | Early 20th century

Africa | Kente Man's Wrapper Detail. Asante people. ca. 1960-80. Cotton and rayon.

Africa | Kente Wrapper Detail . Ewe people. ca. 1960/70s.

Africa | Kuba Bark Cloth detail

Africa | Ghana Wax Batic Print Fabric

Africa | Detail from a 1970s, Ewe Kente Cloth from Ghana | Ewe cloth comes from the Ewe ("e-vay") people who live in southeastern Ghana and Togo. Ewe cloth is woven on a loom similar to that of the Asante Kente cloth

Africa | Ait Hichem Women's Mantle. Kabylie region, Algeria | Wool and cotton, natural dyes.

Africa | Tuareg Tent hanging. Tuareg People, Morocco, Mali or Niger | Early 20th Century | Leather, painted and embossed. Exceptionally old and beautiful hanging, made from two different panels, painted with "magic square" designs.

Africa | Ferrachya. Berber Tapestry Weaving, possibly for a Woman’s Dowry. Gafsa, Tunisia | 3rd Quarter 19th century | Wool, tapestry weave, all natural dyes

Africa | Old Kuba Raffia Detail - Shoowa - Kasai Velvet – DR Congo | Mid 20th century.

Africa | Kuba Raffia Cloth - Bushoong - Mid 20th century – DR Congo