Addams Family Christmas Card (GMA viewer submitted card)

The Shining themed Christmas Card (GMA viewer submitted card)

Silent Night Greeting card (GMA -viewer submitted Christmas card)

Santa's Workshop greeting card (GMA viewer submitted card)

3 Wise Men (dogs) themed greeting card (GMA viewer submitted)

Modern spin on Norman Rockwell painting greeting card

'We didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose us' i just love this- who is this man? we need to be friends

This is so funny. You need coffee. You just left the baby in my crate. #funny #dog #tired #coffee #fail #yorkie #baby

DIY Stemware Snow Globes..


I hate tacos....

Mickey Mouse Ornament


Police Cars Win! - haha i did this when i was in high school, but unfortunately it was just student cars not cop cars...