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JRPG FANS! Tales of Xillia Limited Edition now on sale for the PlayStation 3!

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Today Sony announced that there will be a secondary chip in the PlayStation 4 that will allow the console to download games in the background. But what makes this so interesting is the fact that the PlayStation 4 will actually allow you to PLAY these games AS they are downloading, which means you can simply start downloading the game and as it downloads you can start playing it.

Users will be able to access their PlayStation digital library on any console through their PSN account, Official PlayStation Magazine U.

Harry Potter Comes to PlayStation Home | EGMNOW

Harry Potter fans control your excitement because Pottermore, the official online universe for Harry Potter lore, is now a part of PlayStation Home.

EA Origin Has Over 50 Million Users | EGMNOW

EA's digital distribution platform Origin now has over 50 million registered users, according to the publisher.

Mega Charizard X

Pokémon X and Y Charizard Mega-evolutions Shown Off in New Trailer

Has Microsoft Registered A Variety Of “Halo Infinity” Domain Names

Has Microsoft Registered A Variety Of “Halo Infinity” Domain Names

Path of Exile oyunu için yeni yapılardan bir tanesi olan Unhost Dual – Totem Ethereal Bıçaklar Gölge yeni özelliklerini sergilemeye devam ediyor  Oyuna yeni eklenen bu yeni yapı birçok farklı özelliği de beraberinde getiriyor http://rip.tc/path-of-exile-yenilikleri/2968/

Grinding Gear Games has announced Phase 2 of its on-going Path of Exile open beta, which begins with the absolutely massive

donkey kong country nintendo 3ds

'Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D' Barrels Onto 3DS This Summer

Today Nintendo decided to announce a release date for Donkey Kong Country Returns in both North America and Europe. Gamers in North America can expect the title on May and surprisingly gamers in Europe will be getting the title on May as well.

RUMOR: Arkane Studios Now Working On Prey 2 | EGMNOW

Prey 2 is no longer being developed by Human Head and has been moved to Arkane Studios, who developed the very popular Dishonored, according to a new report.

Footage Found For Tactics-Based Call of Duty Prototype

Video footage has surfaced what is claimed to be a Call of Duty tactics game that was created as a prototype but never finished.

E3 Gets Dishonored

Talking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Arake Studios creative director Raphael Colantonio hinted at what we can expect from a next-gen Dishonored.