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"Shall we live as slaves or free men?"

House of Terror - Inside the House of Terror in Budapest

"Shall we live as slaves or free men?

Can this PLEASE happen? Budapest. Black Widow and Hawkeye

Fake movie poster for Black Widow and Hawkeye in Budapest. ("This is not like Budapest." "You and I remember Budapest very differently.

My Favorite Hyatt Lounge in the World is...  Do you have a favorite hotel lounge? I don’t mean one that’s good, but rather one that takes good and turns it into GREAT. Seems to me, many lounges are fine, or even good, but in each hotel chain there are usually a few standouts.  I previously mentioned my 13 criteria for the perfect hotel lounge. I’ve already talked about my favorite Sheraton lounge, so what’s my favorite Hyatt lounge?  There are many Hyatt lounges

Before I tell you my favorite lounge, it makes sense to define the qualities that make for greatness. See what you think of my 13 criteria. Here's my list:

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Get your meme on!

I dont ship Clintasha, but damn Banner! Can we acknowledge that this ship should sink

can't wait

For my best friend Tammy. Thank you for our friendship. I hope you know how much I love you! Happy Birthday to my best friend!

realizing so many superhero  pins make me look like a geek.

Hawkeye and Black Widow’s daughter…

Funny pictures about Hawkeye and Black Widow's daughter. Oh, and cool pics about Hawkeye and Black Widow's daughter. Also, Hawkeye and Black Widow's daughter.