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Starship! I wanna be a Starship Ranger! haha


Starship, Starkid, Joe and Lauren, Up and Taz <3 <3 <3

O starkid

Day 19: Do you call them Starkids or Dikrats? I call them Starkid. ;)

loved this scene AVPSY Harry and Ron - Joey Richter and Darren Criss - starkid

Day 11: What is your favourite episode of Potion Master's corner? - i think my fave is when Joe M. is interviewing Joe W.. his face is priceless

SERIOUSLY awesome Starkid article. If you ever need to explain who and what they are... THIS.

Hes not even in gryffindor

>:D YES!!

Backstage at Starship

starkid ~ Holy Musical Batman! I love Brian Holden too! <3 lol he cracks me up. "That's right! Cause I do my damn job!" XD

Awwwwwwwwwwww :( Poor Hermione

Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans

Joey Richter Jaw and Darren Criss Curly Hair... F'n Delicious ;) @Sarah Heiner


a very potter musical

Day 18: Why do you love Starkid? I love Starkid because they have such great, funny stuff that veils a life lesson.

day 5: What is your favourite starkid song? Kick it up a notch from Starship


Lol starkid @Elizabeth Holoubek Truesdale