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Best cover story in a long time. Lots of good information here.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how freaking GORGEOUS this barn is?!?!? who needs houses? pfft!

The best advice always comes from those people with experience. Read about 27 important lessons from an old farmer.

In Conversation with #WomeninAg: Anne Alonzo

Women farmers bring hope to dairy industry - interesting that so many of them are ensuring their cows are grass fed

Eat Beef!

Why Wheat Matters in the U.S. you may not choose or require wheat in your diet, but the truth is the wheat grown here feeds someone else's hungry mouth.

Agriculture and Natural Resources degrees are one of the highest paying degrees of 2015

With a little help from AgStar, some thoughts on farmers: a different type of leader

I created this sign for my father. He is a farmer who built his business from the dirt - literally!

Created this sign for my Grandpa. He has been a true farmer from the beginning.

Great Resource for Teachers!!!! Lesson Plans for Ag Teachers to use to teach advocacy in your classroom communities.naae....

Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids: Learn about where your food comes from by watching Farmland for Free on Hulu

Realities of Being a Farm Wife - Prairie Californian


Country LINKed: Farm Picture Friday

Mythbusting 101: Organic Farming > Conventional Agriculture

Announcing a great opportunity for anyone in food, agriculture or farm business with a passion for social media.

Just because I have blue Bogs and my Carhartts are purple doesn't mean that the crap on my boots smells any sweeter.


Women play a huge part in Agriculture just like men.

The Foodie Farmer: Boycott Chipotle: My Farm Is Not Dangerous

Why Is #FFA Relevant For Our Future? #FFAWeek14 #FFAWeek

Farm Blogs That Post Regularly -- A Thorough List via jan issues Fehlis Person