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Remember: you were a sweet little girl that loved to sit on a swing and sing and you thought that blowing bubbles was an art form. Well, maybe it is?!

Blowing bubbles is one of my favorite things...tadadadada (you know the movie The Sound of Music, right?)

An Afghan girl blows a bubble while she cooks for her family.

Little Monk | Kathmandu, Central by Bill Planche "One of the young pupils I've had for three short weeks... They were so lively, I got the impression I learned more from them than I taught..."

Bubbles Type of reinforcement: high-probability behavior (or condition-generalized) Materials needed: bubble liquid (or water, corn starch, and soap) and a bubble wand At the end of a session for a younger child, if they have had no behavioral issues (or got an appropriate amount of tokens for condition-generalized), they get to play with bubbles. Be sure to inform the child of this at the beginning of the session.

The third to last picture the moms face is like getting real tired of your shit kid