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  • Blue Pulpito

    Semana Santa in Seville, Spain

  • Cara Keefer

    Semana Santa. ESPAÑA... the first time I was in spain it was Easter week ... and these tall black hooded people filling the streets and gathering for a walk through town on their way to the mass... freaked me out. Yes, I was very young but I can still feel it when I see photos!

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ZAMORA Semana Santa - NOT American KKK - but this is where the KKK got the inspiration for their costumes. This is a Catholic Procession in Spain held during Holy Week. Members of Lay Brotherhoods wear the conical cap and face covering (in different colors for each Order) as a sign of penitence. Peaked caps like this were also placed on the guilty during the Inquisition. It is where the dunce caps in school days of old came from! (How fitting that the KKK chose a symbol of shame!)

Real Hermandad del Santísimo Cristo de las Injurias Semana Santa en Zamora Spain by pedro mesonero, via Flickr

Seville, Spain. Holy Week--such an amazing experience to see the faithful processions.

Semana Santa, Sevilla, Spain; around Easter

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Semana Santa - Salamanca, Spain Hey Fortune St Keyne this is the thing you had posted in here before. Loos like it's still on, even now. How.... off-putting.