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    • Geraldine Clark

      Why are some foods considered lucky for New Year’s? (Chiacchiere)

    • Manuela Piccioni

      #colazionenelmondo #chiacchiere #Napoli

    • Linda Ramos

      Italian Traditional Holiday Cakes | Italy

    • Teresa Bonaccorsi

      Chiacchiere di carnevale – Video Ricetta #chiacchiere #carnevale #ricette

    • Elizabeth Ranger (Bubble Tea for Dinner)

      Verwurrelt Gedanken (Deep-fried Carnival Pastry) is a traditional Luxembourgish recipe for a classic snack of a flour, butter, egg milk and sugar dough leavened with bicarbonate of soda and flavoured with lemon zest that's cut into strips and deep fried before serving.

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    pizza dough of my favorite Hanukkah foods!!

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    Follow your favorite recipe for pie dough and apple filling then cut out fries and bake.

    :: TYPICAL RECIPES OF #SIENA :: Crogetti - Traditional Sweets of Carnival Ingredients: an egg A tablespoon of olive oil A spoonful of sugar Flour, than they take procedure: Mix well all the ingredients and knead the dough down. Roll out the dough with the machine or with a rolling pin so thin, cut into small diamonds and rectangles and fry in plenty of hot olive oil. Drain on absorbent paper, place them in a tray and sprinkle with icing sugar.

    Yummy Street Food (junk food) called Pastel. Fried dough with different fillings like cheese and ground beef.

    In Good Flavor | Great Recipes | Great Taste: Steak and Cheese Fried Dough—Part Four of Fried Dough Month

    French-fry cookies!! Basic cookie dough recipe, cut into strips to resemble fries, place in mini fries-boats and add a mini container of jelly for "ketchup"

    Beignets de Banane Malienne (Malian Banana Fritters): A Malian recipe for a snack of a banana and maize flour dough deep fried in oil to cook

    Baked Eggrolls | Recipes more attempts at healthy kid food.

    Pizza dough - Rustic fry bake recipe to stuff with saltfish and/or shark.

    Fried Honey Pastries Recipe - Thiples - Greek Recipe for Spirals of Fried Dough with Honey

    Recipe: Indian Fry Bread Tacos (using frozen bread dough) -

    So what exactly is a cronut? Easy. It’s a 1/2 croissant 1/2 donut. A Franco-American deep-fried “croissant” dough rolled in sugar, filled with cream, and glazed. I mean, really. How could you go wrong with that? It’s a bit more tricky than it sounds though because the butter layers of a regular croissant dough would melt and make a mess in hot oil so the folding technique is a little different.

    Spiral Fritters with Honey Recipe

    Bartolillos of fried dough with pastry cream, Madrid Recipes