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Broccoli and Cheese Mini Egg Omelets

I love making a batch of these mini egg omelets - they are EASY to make, and I have breakfast ready for the next few days. I pop them in the microwave for one

The Mysterious Plain of Jars: Thousands of giant stone jars scattered around the Xieng Khouang plain, in Laos form one of the most bizarre archeological collections in history. Although it has been determined they are over 2000 years old, no one has yet been able to determine who built them and for what purpose. Made of sedimentary rock, like sandstone or granite, and calcified coral, the jars weigh up to 13 tons and are between 1 and 3 meters high.

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How Exercise Makes Your Brain Grow

How Exercise Makes Your Brain Grow | The hippocampus, a brain area closely linked to learning and memory, is especially receptive to new neuron growth in response to endurance exercise. Exactly how and why this happens wasn’t well understood until recently.

Week 5 Assignment Vulnerable Population in the Workplace Project The goal of your project is to identify barriers in the workplace to understanding vulnerable populations and affecting the disparity in promoting health care delivery. This project… (More)

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