Symmetrical Flowers - Mixing Art and Math

Flower Symmetry Art- did butterflies this year but I like the flowers!

Adventures of a Polka-Dotted Teacher

another easy way to combine the arts and math and one can do so using many apps or even photo editing software on a computer

Symmetrical self-portraits - great idea for teaching symmetry and measurement. Excellent step-by-step instructions.

Math meets Art: Symmetry Self-Portraits. Showing students how symmetrical they are! Have students cut out picture of themselves and then cut in half. Students are then able to draw the other half.

Pretty easy star, need 6 sheets double sided paper.

Paper star tutorial - would make a great wreath for the front door, if made out of 2 sided Christmas paper!

Symmetrical Blob Creatures | Dali's Moustache

Symmetrical Blob Creatures | Dali's Moustache

Pop cicle Stick Puzzles (Actually they use tongue depressors, but that doesn't sound as nice)

FlipChick Designs: Popsicle Stick Puzzles Tutorial Great for road trips - could put magnets on back to make stick to travel tray

15 Fun Math Activities To Make Common Core Easier                                                                                                                                                                                 More

15 Fun Math Activities To Make Common Core Easier

Infusing math into art. How to create an origami flower while focusing on fractions. An easy way to integrate common core into the art classroom. An article/lesson plan on Brighthub



Im loving this little guy

Helps students remember capacity equivalencies- I need this hanging in my kitchen so I can remember equivalencies!

Creating Art With Kids: geometric shape collages

Collage is one of my favorite art techniques to use with children. It's hard to mess up a collage, and the possibilities for subject matter .

paper flower hanging decorations

Déco de Noël à fabriquer en 53 idées amusantes pour vous inspirer

paper flower hanging decorations Really want fantastic ideas concerning arts and crafts? Head out to my amazing website!